Become a Member of Friends of Calico

Initial Membership is a Two Step Process

First, fill-out the Membership Form.

Then, use the PayPal button to complete the process.

Upgrade Membership Information

Members who want to receive the CORE and other emailed CMAS information should fill out our online form to allow us to upgrade our contact records.

We will send you a confirmation/receipt email. Additional membership information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Membership Information

A General Membership is open to any individual or organization subscribing to the purpose of the Friends of Calico. • Friends of Calico EMS Bylaws, Article III, Section 1.

Types of membership available are:
Regular Membership:   $25.00
Family Membership:   $45.00
Student Membership:   $15.00

Dues payable by April 1 of each year.


All members:

  • Can attend board and general meetings
  • Will receive our annual CORE newsletter
  • Can participate in all site excavations

Each membership has the right to one vote.
• Friends of Calico EMS Bylaws, Article III, Sections 2,3 & 5.