Calico Early Man Site History, 50+ Years

Historical Page Links and PDFs

Important Individuals in CEMS History

Our developing list of important individual reseachers that have labored over Calico Early Man Site for the last 50 years.

Calico Early Man Site Timeline.

Compiled year by year from 1939 to present. Originally prepared by Ruth D Simpson, Fred Budinger, and Walter Schuiling. Revised and updated by Dottie Kasper. Revised and Updated by Dee Suchil 2014.
The timeline will continue to be updated in the future.

Calico Early Man Site References.

This a partial but workable reference list for both the Calico Early Man Site and the Lake Manix Lithic Industry.
The list will continue to be updated in the future.

A Volunteer's Story, Chuck Williams

A Volunteer’s View of Early Calico. Chuck shares a unique and valuable view from the onset of the excavations and individuals at Calico.

We have many more to add, stay tuned...