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What to Expect

Visits to the site have been suspended indefinitely...

Want to take a tour of the site?

Excavations - Dig Weekends

Want to participate in a site excavation?

Just a visit and tour. Come when we’re open. Would you like to participate in an excavation? Come visit during a excavation weekend.

Dig season is October through May. We close the digs (but NOT the site) June-September.

We have our dig weekends on the 1st FULL weekend of each month.

Weekend Schedule is:
8am - Registration and Orientation
9am-12pm - Check out tool bucket assigned a team, start digging
Stop for lunch (bring a sack lunch or ???)
1pm-4pm - Digging

Take a break and relax

Calico EMS is located about 15 miles northeast of Barstow, California, off Interstate 15. From the Minneola Road exit, follow the signs north about two miles on graded dirt roads to the site.