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Camping at the Calico Mountains Archaeological Site

~ Visits to the site have been suspended indefinitely ~

Camper Registration – Camping is permitted only at assigned sites in designated camping/campground areas. All campers must be Friends of Calico (FOC) related. During the Excavation (Digging) season. Current FOC membership has priority. Friday evening arrivals must notify the Site Manager 24 hours prior to arrival.

*Group Camping – Groups must complete the CEAS Form, CEMS-9/dje and receive a Confirmation Number from the Site Manager.

Campsite - Occupancy limited to one camping group of six people or less, one camping shelter and one vehicle. Additional shelters, vehicles permitted only with prior approval of the Site Manager. These limits do not apply in designated *group camping areas.

The camping area must be occupied; all trash must be bagged and placed in the designated receptacle. Camping equipment placed on a campsite by an unregistered party, any equipment left at the site may be removed by the Site Manager. Power units used to generate electricity normal hours of operation are 0800 AM to 2200 (1000) PM. However, the CMAS is a scientific operation and not a campground, generator operation location and hours of operation are at the discretion of the Site Manager.

• Campers may not install or affix in a permanent manner a camping facility, equipment or a structure.

• Campers may not move or remove picnic tables, fire rings or other facilities from a campsites, day use area or campground.

• Campers may not dig, excavate, or make a noise above that of normal conversation between the hours of 2200 (1000) PM and 0800 AM with the exception of the council fire ring area.

• All campsite and camping area fires must be in the fire ring, attended by a person with immediate access to 2 gallons of water. Fires will not be left unattended including charcoal.

• All pets must be leashed or under owners demonstrated control.

• Parking on vegetation is not allowed.

• Firewood gathering is not allowed, all fire wood must be untreated, and free of fastenings, metal, plastic, etc.

• Resource protection is in effect, do not pick flowers, plants, rocks, vegetation of any sort, stay on the trails off-road riding is prohibitive, respect historic sites, structures, and all facilities. Do not tie ropes to vegetation. Ensure proper disposal of waste and recycle as indicated.

• All vehicles must stay on designated roads, no “cross-country” vehicular activity

Camping - Each camping party must register, Registration must be in person* A responsible person of a camping party shall register for the group, giving the number in the party. The names of all persons in the party must be provided when requested by the Site Manager.

Shelter – “Shelter “means equipment used to sleep in or on, excluding sleeping bags. Examples are tents, trailers, campers, pickup campers, buses, station wagons, motor homes.

Picnicking – Day use area for gatherings

Camping area – An area designated for camping

Campground – A specific designated area indentifying assigned CAMP SITES with a fire ring or pedestal grill, a specific tent pad or parking area, table and access to a trash receptacle. The Calico Early Man Archaeological Site has only one designated Campground.