Recommended Books for Children.

The Tiniest Giants: Dinosaurs of Patagonia
Lowell Dingus, Luis M. Chiappe
Doubleday/Random House, 1999

Details the discovery of the world's largest known dinosaur nesting ground in the desert of Argentina, as told by two of the scientists who made the discovery.

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A Nest of Dinosaurs : The Story of Oviraptor
Mark A. Norell and Lowell Dingus
Doubleday/Random House, 1999

Tells the story of remarkable fossils discovered in Mongolia's Gobi Desert that not only provide insight about how some dinosaurs reproduced but also shed light on how birds evolved.

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Searching for Velociraptor
Lowell Dingus, Mark A. Norell
Harper Collins, 1996

In an exciting story of search and discovery, two of the country's top paleontologists describe their recent expedition to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Readerstravel along with the scientists as they make a spectacular find, then travel back to the museum to learn how a dinosaur skeleton is preserved and studied.

Full-color photos throughout.

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What Color Is That Dinosaur? : Questions, Answers, and Mysteries
Lowell Dingus and Stephen C. Quinn (Illustrator)
Millbrook, 1994

Presents a lively series of questions and answers, through which you'll find information on dinosaur evolution, types, behavior, and habitats, as well as theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs, and possible dinosaur descendants still roaming the earth.

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Golden Guide: Dinosaurs
Dr. Eugene Gaffney, John Dawson (Illustrator)
Golden Press, 1990

A field guide to the kinds of dinosaurs most likely to be found in museums, including information on evolution, locomotion and feeding.

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Recommended Books for Young Adults and Adults

Hell Creek, Montana: America's Key to the Prehistoric Past
Lowell Dingus
St. Martin's Press, 2004

Recounts the discovery of the first specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex ever found, along with the geologic and human history of this remote region along the Missouri Breaks, including Lewis and Clark's perilous trip through the area.

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Walking on Eggs: The Astonishing Discovery of Thousands of Dinosaur Eggs in the Badlands of Patagonia
Luis Chiappe and Lowell Dingus
Scribner, 2001

Describes the discovery of the largest known dinosaur nesting ground ever found, as well as the investigations into the scientific mysteries that the discovery raised, as told by two of the scientists who made the find.

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Discovering Dinosaurs
Lowell Dingus, Mark Norell and Dr. Eugene Gaffney
Knopf, 1995 and Univ. of California Press, 2000

Documents the collection of dinosaur skeletons in the exhibition halls at the American Museum of Natural History as seen by the curators who renovated the halls and recounts the experiences of the paleontologists who have scoured remote lands in search of evidence of these animals. Contains 167 illustrations, charts and maps in color and black and white.

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Next of Kin
Lowell Dingus
Rizzoli, 1996

Tells the story behind the renovation of the American Museum of Natural History's fossil halls in the words of the project's director and explores the evolutionary history of the animals featured there.

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Mistaken Extinction: Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds
Lowell Dingus, Timothy Rowe
W.H. Freeman and Company, 1998

Examines the question of what caused the massive extinction event at the end of the Age of Dinosaurs and explores the evolutionary relationship of birds and dinosaurs.

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