Daniel J. Eliseuson

The original “FOOTREST” was established in 1915 as part of the Hans Rolland General Store, butcher shop, grocery store and homestead residence which was located just southwest of the Red Lake Indian Reservation (Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians) located primarily in Beltrami County and a small portion of Clearwater County near the town of Gonvic in Northern Minnesota. *(Norwegian pioneer, Martin O. Gonvic)

Due to the remoteness and isolation of the area and recently arrived Scandinavian immigrants, thirsting for knowledge, Hans Rolland established the FOOTREST library, by bringing in used books from the Bemidji, Park Rapids and other libraries. In addition, (it is rumored), Clergymen, (aka “Sky Pilots), from various religious denominations, which pastored the multiple rural churches and logging camps.

After a period of time, they desired to have their own libraries, by purchasing books. Hans Rolland changed the emphasis from having a library, to the FOOTREST bookstore! As time passed his grandson, Daniel J. Eliseuson, after an almost generation of literary hiatus, he renewed the tradition resulting in the “Footrest News Letter”, a local (University of Redlands) neighborhood communiqué became noticed by the Chief of Police, Jim Bueermann which deemed it an integral law enforcement information tool and commissioned the author to continue writing the “Footrest Newsletter”, and expanding the distribution as a BLOG for the city of Redlands, California Police Department. (Reportedly, one of the first law enforcement entities in the nation to do so)

In 2005, he and his wife relocated from Redlands, California to Coronado, California, continuing dividing their time between California and Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

As a writer, author, photojournalist, US Marine Corps Combat Correspondent and US Navy Combat Cameraman, Chief Petty Officer (Intelligence) and US Customs Service, office of Intelligence, the next natural step was morphing into publishing, coordinating with noted publisher, Bruce Hamilton, President of Desertmoon Arts, www.desertmoon.net Morongo Valley, California.


• Happy Feet on the Beat – Editor/coordinator for the City of Redlands, California Police Department BLOG
• The Foot Rest News – Editor, Publisher
• Leech Lake Area Magazine Resources, with Map - Writer, editor (Executive Director of the Walker/Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Walker, Minnesota)
• Researched, edited, published various classified country studies.
• Researched, edited, published, distributed the “Fish Smelters Guide” and map for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Game (MDNR Smelt Fishing Special projects Coordinator)
• Researched, edited, published classified threat studies for senior government civilian and military level administration.
• Researched, edited, published classified small military unit guidebooks.
• Researched, edited, published, classified Country Studies,
• Researched, edited, Department of State, Hand book on Norway (Unpublished)


U.S. Parachutists Magazine “Pieces of Eight Photos of amputee sky divers
• Redlands Facts - Freelance
• The Smelters Brochure, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
• The Foot Rest Newsletter, Editor/Publisher
• The Walker Pilot, Columnist
• Grand Rapids Herald-Review, Contributor
• Duluth News Tribune, Freelance reporter
• Deer River Press, Freelance reporter
• Redlands Daily Facts Freelance reporter
• Leather Leaf Magazine, Humor Editor
• WCCO Radio Minneapolis, Minnesota- US Marine Corps PAO liaison/reporter
• KLLR Radio Walker, Minnesota – Program Host “Chamber Echoes”


As President of the International Combat Camera Association (ICCA) I provided resources for documentation of the movie, “Above and Beyond” the documentation of Lance Corporal Perkins – USMC Combat Photographer that posthumously) received the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 11 Marines by falling on a grenade.

Coordinated electronic and print media for the amputee sky diving record of the “Pieces of Eight” skydiving team Perris, California.

Reviewed original research of WWII non-fiction photo essay, “Return of the Heroes” from Normandy to Bastogne, The Dash to Berlin and “Where They Fought” a sequel to “Where Heroes Trained” all by Roger M. Baty, PhD (Anthropology) Professor Emeritus, University of Redlands.


“The Play Soldier” by Chet Green
A Michigan Iron Worker, disappointed in life, travels to South Africa, joins the French Foreign Legion and becomes a combat photographer

“Broken” by Michael S. Kearns and Ronald B. Solomon
This novel evolved from the author’s imagination and actual historical events used in a fictitious manner. Michael Kearns is a former S.E.A.R (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor. The authors have intertwined two retired USN SEALs, DiDi Molenaar, and Pete the Pirate into the scenario of the training of senior corporate executives of the worlds most advanced drone manufactures to resist torture. A very good “read” SEE: also Tall Tales from DiDi’s Mancave.

“COMBAT CORPSMAN” by Greg McPartlin
US Navy SEAL takes the reader from the quiet hometown of Lake Forest, Illinois, the Lake Waukegan speedway stock car driver and ambulance driver through US Navy boot camp, Corpsman medical training and eventual assignment with the elite US Marine Corps Reconnaissance in Vietnam. Returning to the United States he applied for and as accepted for US Navy Basic Underwater Demolition (SEAL) commonly referred to as BUD’s. His next post is with the SEAL teams in the deadly waters of the Vietnam Mekong Delta where he achieved recognition by leading SEALs in combat----- as a Corpsman healing the injured and killing the enemy.
His profession was to heal, not kill---both were required to save lives (Greg McPartlin resides in Coronado, California, owner and operator of McPartlin’s Irish Pub. Continuing his civic commitment he also served as the communities Mayor.