In 2o16, two post-collegiate athletes ran together and discussed what they would do with their running, now that they were finished with school teams. Together, they shared a common thought: “do I have unfinished business in this sport?”. The answer was “yes.” Thus the idea to work together to achieve these unfinished goals came to be. They sought out other athletes to create a team, whose sole purpose was to help other athletes achieve goals that they had not been able to reach yet. Cardio Cartel became an unofficial running club in 2017. By 2019, the club became USATF-certified. We have had athletes compete against all levels of competition. We are a community of competitors that is continually growing. Cardio Cartel Racing Club (CCRC) is “a collective ‘cartel’ with unfinished business.”

How to Join:

1) Log on to and create an account.

2) Fill out the personal information page.

3) When asked if you want to join a club, select "Yes."

4) Select the proper region, (Southern California.)

5) Search for Cardio Cartel Racing Club and select.

Pay for your membership. 18 or younger, select Youth Membership, all others are Adult Memberships.

Once your membership is confirmed, you may order uniforms through
Coach Stepp. Uniforms include Racing Top & Bottom. You may also order Hoodies & Shirts. See the "Apparel Page" for cost.