They say “do what you love” and the rest will fall into place.

I see the world in photographs. My mind is constantly wanting to stop the car, stop the walk, stop the conversation, just to take a picture. Sharing an intimate moment with a friend, capturing those precious moments with those we hold closest, or seeing the landscape of our incredible world, can be timeless when documented with a photograph. That love has grown and become a huge part of who I am. I love the beauty of the world, the beauty in a face that has weathered with time, beauty that is momentary and must be captured.

Please enjoy some of my “moments” with me.

My Photography Gallery

My gallery is broken into several categories. I will add categories and photos as inspiration allows.

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Where to Find my Work

Find out where my photos can be viewed. This will change as venues become available to show my work,

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My Photography Store

You may want to purchase my work in several forms. We will expand our offerings as my work is posted.

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