You are invited to use the link to the right to view my latest sculpture.

You can also view several videos that show me working on my sculpture.


Furniture design and construction is my passion! I design and build to suit a client's specific requirements. Follow the link to my Furniture Portfolio to see the design and function possibilities.

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Custom Doors

Architecture is generally seen as the highest form of art. To be able to create areas and details that people can interact with in a three dimensional way is exciting. Follow the link to my Architectural Portfolio.

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Paintings and Murals

My paintings and drawing are closely related to my other forms of art work and an extension of wanting to envision an area in all of its potential. Follow the link to my Paintings Portfolio

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My work involves the use of many different types of materials, from the wood in furniture to the stone, clay, and metal in other three dimensional forms. Follow the link to my Sculpture Portfolio

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